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The enchantment of life

The collection of these poems were written some time ago by the Angel and the Fisherman
1.         Creation

Welcome to the Enchantment of Life,
where the world comes to soothes it's strife.
We are all but members of God's greatest plan,
walking together equally as woman and man

The walls of clarity are now called to create,
around the answers to questions that articulate.
Two hundred forty two reasons for our demeanor,
purifying our souls, making them oh so much cleaner.

Before there ever was a human on earth,
the universe collided, splitting planets to give birth.
Today is tomorrow's yesterday, again and again,
to this purpose time can't be a matter of when.

Come deep into the hollow of our own existence,
fear not, for it is time not to show any resistance.
The Angels will protect us, showing the way,
they will guard us,  guide us, and with us will pray.

The beginning therefore lies within us all,
by taking the time to define yourself, listening to his call.
The call from the above, higher than the clouds,
to a new form of assurance that cries out loud.

This assurance is granted not only from above,
it also is released by the spirit of God's dove.
It beats deep inside all life forms from the heart,
now become it, be not afraid, do your part.

Like the autumn claims the life of golden leaves,
open your soul, take it, blessed is he who believes.
The day has come for  identity to be tested,
by creating the life for which you are nested.

There is so much to learn in this great new book,
not replacing old ones, just searching into every nook.
Every nook of existence of the breath that we take,
developing a new attitude of life in which to partake.

2.         Life

So what is life, the one we live?
Is it the love we endlessly give?
The breath we take each second or two
So we don't turn drastically blue.

It's more than just the technical term
And how life began as a sperm.
More than blood that flows red
And more than tears of sorrow shed.

Each moment is a blessing in disguise
You must enjoy and live, if you are wise.
Life can be over just like that
Without a warning, as a matter of fact.

The Craetor gave us this gift, so rare
To smell the flowers and to feel the air.
To touch the satin texture of a rose
To fill scents of lavender into your nose.

The laughter of a child tiny and small
The smile of a face for no reason at all.
Friends who listen and truly understand
When you need compassion as a guiding hand.

The enchantment of life is a beginning
Just like Heaven's cherub's angelic singing.
Each day has its purpose and meaning
To master it, is everyone's yearning.

But to live also means to know life
For a man to find his one and only wife.
To create a new soul and to teach him well
Only to speak the truth, or have nothing to tell.

To begin the journey, the enchantment, the charm
Look into your own heart, so humanly warm.
Come with us to find the truth of life
Come with us and your dreams will strive.

3.         Appearances

There is so much in life that makes us think,
what we look to others may sometimes stink.
The world to us is in such a confusing state,
for who do we belong? What is our fate?

It is a crazy planet on which we tread,
steps taken makes us lie in our own bed.
There are consequences to all that we do,
sometimes mistakes are done without a clue.

That does not excuse the action or crime,
what we have done, is done in our own time.
A thought process should therefore always be tried,
before you end up in the tears that you've cried.

Being yourself is part of your self image,
but sometimes it can be a scrimmage,
between what is right and what is wrong,
and wondering where do you belong.

Thus you need to figure out where you fit in,
take a look in the mirror and look within.
Look at the flesh of which you are made,
then look deeper and let your eyes cascade.

Start with your own physical features,
and remember that we are all God's creatures.
No two of anything are ever exactly alike,
that makes us all unique by God's heavenly strike.

Look at your face, as well as its expressions,
take the time to then think using digressions.
For if you are happy then you will be,
but if you are sad, look at why, and see.

Look deeper either way into your very own soul,
for having a positive appearance is the utmost goal.
To really see who you are look into your eyes,
and what you see just may be a great big surprise!

4.         Frustration

Sometimes life does not seem fair,
the rich get richer, and the poor stay in despair.
Justice is not always given right,
so frustration we must then fight.

You get so mad and want to scream,
your head gets red like heat, so it does seem.
Forget about the action done
by your foe with a jealous tongue.

Take a deep breath of air
to clear the evil thoughts you share.
Another one, deep and long
to fill with love, to turn the wrong.

Don't let the world bring you down,
never let them see you frown.
Smile with grace and cheer
for God is watching and he does hear.

Feel the power of being good,
doing right the way you should.
It may not seem like that at first
but one day evil's bubble will burst.

When you get the chance to free
yourself for just a moment, then flee.
Go to the mountains or the sea
and scream out frustration endlessly.

Never go to bed when you are mad
for you will wake up really sad.
Make peace with yourself each day
because you are important in every way.

The next time life will get you down
and all you can is cry and frown,
remember this chapter to get you through
this day will pass, I'll promise you.

5.         Hypocrites

Take the time to roll the dice,
add some flavor as well as spice,
to the work you look now upon,
just be real, and not a con.

You can win this game right now,
if you can only figure out how.
To do that you need to glance,
rhyme with reason and take a chance.

There will always be those ungrateful sows,
who may act like big fat cows,
but to be fair you must overlook,
shortcomings in life that they never shook.

It is their own low self esteem,
that kills any kind of hopeful dream.
Because they are not happy deep inside,
they look to steal away other's pride.

To be successful you must move past,
the sick repulsive behavior they do blast.
Look within to stand on your own,
with perseverance use every muscle and bone.

This is not easy, but very hard,
to yourself be on your own guard.
Make sure you fall not from grace,
living by God's word please do embrace.

It is he we need to follow,
that our hearts will not be shallow.
Therefore we must turn the other cheek,
which will make us strong, not weak.

Those who throw the sticks and stones,
ream INSECURITY with sick dreadful undertones.
The Winners in life will be God's elite,
who  from others withstood satin's verbal heat!

6.         Time

Use your time you got with thought,
Never waste it on a useless plod.
Whether you are white or black
You get the same amount in fact.

If you procrastinate by day
And only take the time to play
You may soon ask yourself; oh no,
Where did all your time go?

Each day you live and breathe
Be thankful for that time and seize
The moment in your thoughts and mind.
Good things come for those who are kind.

When you are young and new
You never think of time, not you.
But as the years pass by
Time is important and now it does fly.

Today is a good day to start
And do what is in your heart.
Now is the time, the moment of today
So get up and get on your way.

Time stands still when you dream
You fly over rivers it may seem.
So each night take the time
To dream and fly mountain's climb.

Never regret the time that's gone
It never comes back to anyone.
Look forward to the hours you share
With friends and family everywhere.

In the autumn of your life,
Don't forget to kiss your wife.
Seconds now pass quicker, it seems
One day you walk in Heaven's beam.

7.         Luck

Here is the reason to the rhyme,
Luck is nothing but unforeseen in time.
It can be so good to the taste,
but luck can also be a waste.

Look into the eyes of the dice,
as in life, desire so does entice.
The want can be sometimes the gain,
the victory therefore can be all in vain.

Pull the lever to the wheel,
for the fortune is all in the deal.
Whether the result lands on success,
your life can still be an ungodly mess.

Nature vs Nurture is all in the game,
the question is which is to blame?
The chemistry of body confining the soul?
or the mishaps in life, constraining the goal?

Flip the coin high up in the air,
with anticipation to it do glare.
Call the side where there is the head,
but if tales, you, the loser are dead!

Life is but a chance that we take,
and earth underneath us may sometimes shake.
Never- the-less a chance we live,
with each little movement the heart does give.

Like the horse that does race so fast,
we are the gamblers that have been cast.
It is up to us if we are to fit,
into the realms of life using our wit.

Sometimes we are the winner,
who can celebrate a victory dinner.
Other times we are the losers,
proving that we can be poor choosers.

8.         Friends

To be really lucky in life and living
is to have a friend from God's giving.
A person, who knows you well
and never your secrets he would tell.

Friends are like vitamins needed each day,
to see and hear, to develop life's play.
They tell you when you did something wrong,
without the "I told you" scolding song.

They love you when you have PMS
they even put up with your working stress.
When you are down and feeling blue
a joke or story they will tell you.

Without a friend your life is a bore
because you need their uplifting roar.
Be thankful if you have one or two
you are the lucky one, that's for sure.

Never disappoint your friend, your soul
'cause he's important, he has his role.
Be honest, tell the truth to the end
and he'll be forever your caring friend.

Each day you go about your way
thank God for friends he gave, OK!
For the goodness your friend gives
be glad he excists and lives.

If you are without this true treasure
and walk the steps of life's pleasure,
go out and take the time to find
a true friend who will treat you kind.

Friends are like angels doing God's work,
letting you forget about all jerks.
So you are lucky, indeed my friend
because you have someone heaven's sent.

9.         Suffering

On death bed ally I have been,
watching human flesh suffer because of sin.
Life is the cruelest of jokes you see,
because in the end, death is a part of you and me.

If I could suffer the pain I saw,
I would surrender to death's eery claw.
There is no escape and nothing to do,
but to pray to God thanking him for friends like you.

Even to the hardiest of souls there are,
times when death threatens to leave its deadly scar.
One can only fight with so much resistance,
before onto death they change to aid its assistance.

Fear in the most strong willed person we know,
is a symbol of death's mighty glow.
How can the world be so cruel and unkind?
I thought that God has favored all mankind?

The suffering can rip out the heart,
destroying the will, tearing it apart.
Pain to ad to the heaviest of souls,
who's will to live will not be the goals.

Christ died on the cross to show the earth,
just how cruel and unkind life is from birth.
We should not worry about this world but the next,
for what is to come is better than this world's best.

I wish there was some sort of game,
that would explain why I feel so much shame.
I am alive and thus have to move on,
but what about the dying I look upon?

Even if tomorrow is not the day,
I know more suffering will come someone's way.
Disease, disaster, tragedy, will always strike,
and thru it all we have to be humble, Christlike.

10.       Respect

If you don't respect the earth
than your life has no meaningful worth.
Each creature big or small
does live here until God's call.

Never leave a mess in the woods
clean after yourself like you should.
Recycle goods that can be used twice
for if you don't, we all pay the price.

Don't waste good food set on your table
some people wish to eat if able.
Take only what you need each day
don't be greedy, it does not pay.

Respect your body and treat it well
for it is your vessel, in it you'll dwell.
Look out for people who walked the path
or life before you, their wisdom does last.

For the spirit greater than your soul and might
show worship always, 'cause it is right.
Let creatures live in peace and joy
it's not that hard, so don't be coy.

Let those who gone to eternal rest
not be forgotten, but never jest
about their lifes, thoughts or dreams
but think happy thoughts in memory streams.

Have nature live in harmony too
keep forests green and oceans blue.
Don't pick the daisies down the street
and don't crush insects with your feet.

If you respect these things with care
tomorrow the sun will shine and glare.
The rainbow will bloom all colorful
all because you followed life's rule.

11.       Thanksgiving

I shall look into your eyes,
and I will see the beauty
of one wonderful surprise,
because it is  God's duty.

Thank-You Lord for the grace,
that you have bestowed upon me.
I'd be lost without a trace,
without you, I wouldn't be.

I give glory to you in awe,
for the wonders of your love.
I have escaped the devil's claw,
everyday underneath heaven above.

For my family I Thank-You Lord,
they are the strongly connected bond,
that holds me together like a chord,
keeping me close to heaven beyond.

Thank-You Lord for all of my friends,
who stick by me time and again,
their loyalty to me never bends,
I rate them all a great big ten!

The earth does need to be kept,
like your kingdom in Eden's land.
Destroy the evil that has crept,
onto this planet forming an evil band.

Thank - You Lord for this world,
I take my responsibility to it too,
I promise that the devil will be curtailed,
never to live in my heart anew.

On this day of Thanksgiving I look,
out into the stars shining in the sky.
I will try to follow God's majestic book,
until the day comes when to earth I say good-bye.

12.       Waiting

Waiting is no fun I'm sure
But something we must learn to endure.
To wait for something good,
So patience is the needed food.

There are times you wait in line
And the minutes pass as you whine.
Three more people in front of you
You're almost there, you wish for a cure.

Then you should be next in waiting but the cashier is debating
Whether to go for lunch or not
Or to wait until one o'clock.

You wait for a baby nine months long
If it came early, you knew something was wrong.
Sometimes waiting is necessary
So cheer up and be merry.

Are you still waiting for that mate?
And think at your age it's late?
Don't worry about a thing, oh no
Good things come to those who wait, you know.

As children we can hardly wait
For Santa to arrive in his sled.
But we get older and wise
We know to play the waiting disguise.

"Wait a Minute", a term often said
When we get up in the morning out of bed.
For we wish our work would wait
But if you don't hurry, you will be late.

Next time you wait in line
Think of good thoughts before you whine.
Waiting comes with age each year
Like good wine it will bring you good cheer.

13.       Foreboding

The rapture of the truth hurts,
when to anticipation one flirts,
for what they think life should be,
living under self warranted harmony.

To each his own on this plain,
of existence where we hide in vain,
when the reality of life becomes unfair,
as true selfishness is our only care.

On this earth we are the ones,
who will live for what is fun,
but when the day does turn grey,
that is when most of us will pray.

Prayer is what God wants,
but not only under sad stunts.
He wants us all to pray to him,
but not by disappointment's whim.

When things go wrong it is true,
we should turn to God when we are blue,
however when things are grand,
we then too need to hold his hand.

How hard it  can it be just when-
our lives our good, time and again,
to turn to him when everything is right,
keeping him always in our sight.

Then there are those unlucky days,
when we live our life in a haze.
Life is lonely, so unclear,
living each day without cheer.

Foreboding in the luck of the draw,
good days - bad days is the law.
We will have both in our lives,
but either way God in us still thrives.

14.       Pain

They say without pain
there is nothing to gain,
so it may be hard to deal
with the pain that you now feel.

There is the agony of pain all over you,
the kind you get when you have the flu.
Or the one in your head so strong
migraine disaster that lasts too long.

A tooth so loose or rotten from decay
pulsating pain that won't go away.
Life dishes out this physical force
there is nobody immune, not even a horse.

Then there is pain you feel in your heart
because you're in love and now are apat.
You twist and turn all night of pain
for your sorrow keeps burning again and again.

A mother's pain for a child who leaves home
her nest now empty, she is all alone.
The enchantment of life leaves scars like this
but they soon are forgotten with grandchild's kiss.

You struggle each day to live the best
take care of your soul and get needed rest.
'Cause if you're not wise and listen to me
your body will ache, just wait and see.

Take the advise of people who know
who have lived longer than your right toe.
These people felt the pain you're in now,
but pity they won't give to a deaf cow.

15.       Anticipation

To advent we now turn
as our open hearts do yearn,
for the best of seasons to arrive,
the Christ child needed to survive.

The decorations are hanging,
over us with clanging,
for the bells are ringing,
as carolers are singing.

The time of Peace draws near,
with those who hold dear,
the truth of God on high,
in this Christmas lullaby.

Of yuletide we shall be,
in just a few days to see,
the star of Bethlehem above,
over the city of gracious love.

Oh come to us Emmanuel,
let Angels sound the bell,
that you are with us today,
and in our hearts you'll stay.

With winter's solstice turn,
our dreams will forever burn,
full of admiration unto you,
Christmas joy will always be anew.

In the end we are not alone,
celebrating your coming to our home,
for the planet on which we live,
was yours to us that you give.

The Angels are all around,
waiting for you to abound,
from Heaven's brightest star,
accepting us for who we are.

16.       Truth

The enchantment of life must be real
nothing but truth to feel.
Then you will enjoy each quest
and live your life to the very best.

Some people cheat and lie
spread rumors that quickly fly.
They use you to get somewhere
but false glory will loose its glare.

Others are who they are not
they talk around the truth' knot.
With evil eyes and satan's ears
they sword with a painful pierce.

If you told the truth each day
sooner or later it will pay.
Good will prevail in the end for sure,
because liars will ill without a cure.

Look at rainbows, look at the snow
pure like angels the truth will glow.
Be the one who speaks it well
and you will not catch the spell.

Smile with joy, smile and be gay
if you tell the truth, evil will go away.
Perhaps not right away and now
but reward will come, I told you how.

Put the light into your heart
keep your soul clean from sour tart,
that may mess up your mind
don't ever stop from being kind.

The truth is life, a battle you win
when you fight for what you believe in.
Be honest to yourself and even your foe
then the enchantment of life will grow.

17.       Wonder

What one part of the body does,
transcends into the soul just because,
the soul is the center of the frame,
in the life some take in vain.

We can search and we can hope,
for the faith in which to cope.
But what is faith? How can it be?
Does it stop one from being free?

Faith is more than just an emotion,
it is living life full of commotion.
Faith is more than just a grace,
from God above to keep life's pace.

Every action as the body moves,
deserves questions that no answer proves.
The world is full of so much grief,
and seeks some sort of compassionate relief.

The seat of love comes from the heart,
where passion seeks its place to start.
The muscle that pumps the blood,
is also the engine where love does flood.

The breath of life comes from the lungs,
it flows forward past the nostrils and tongues.
Refurbishing the blood that does flow,
into the heart that makes a soul on earth glow.

Thoughts and dreams comes from the brain,
setting standards in life that is no game.
Our destiny does come from the choices we make,
the good as well as the bad is our cake to bake.

I sit and wonder why I have become,
this man seeking knowledge just for fun.
Or is that I am by God being Led,
along with Angel to explain the life that we tread?

18.       Laughter

Each day smile at least once or twice
for laughter will help you feel nice.
Although you may feel like crying
and your world looks like it's dying.

Smile at your foe, show your teeth,
it's the best weapon, and it will please.
Breathe deep, let those lungs fill with air
as laughter gasps through the pneumatic pair.

Be poetic with imaginative colors
it sure will bring chuckles of metaphor flowers.
A happy face, the medicine of melancholy
will cure the sad and sorrow memory.

A mentor of laughter, a jester of fools
but nothing is better in the of rules.
Nature's essence smiles at beauty and harmony
so pretend while you get to ecstasy.

Dream your best dreams at night
smile with cheer until morning light.
Innocent faces looking up to you
so hide your worries, don't be blue.

When life's division tries to divert
and people are lonely and full of hurt,
tell a joke, be the clown
to wipe away that awful frown.

Laughter is the secret of life
to wash away morbid stricken hive.
A phenomenon you'll find it's true
rose-colored glasses, love's iridescent hue.

19.       Resurrection

In this world of so much doubt,
we sit and wonder what it is all about.
Why are we here, why do we exist?
We ask ourselves never quite getting the gist.

Then once a year a day does arrive,
when our purpose becomes alive.
Our reason to live and share,
on this earth is because we need to care.

Just about 2000 years ago,
the son of God had his foes.
The chosen ones yes did turn,
against the Lord without much concern.

The human race was so full of violence,
not living in God's compliance.
Choosing a murderer to go free,
shouting "crucifixion!" not letting Jesus be!

Up the hill they made him walk,
while the women wept and did talk.
Simon helped him carry his cross,
but Jesus's death would not be a loss.

It would be the beginning to an end,
-the purpose why today hearts mend.
For Jesus's death would open a door,
throughout history his life we all would adore.

But violence also still does exist,
and it is our job to fight it and resist.
Every choice we make effects other's,
therefore we must see everyone as our brothers.

On this day of Jesus's magnificent Resurrection,
we need to follow his footsteps and direction.
He died for our sins suffering so much,
thus our suffering is our way of keeping him in touch.

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